Fall Update: We Are Getting Desperate (Blog Archive October 2018)

As fall is very rapidly heading into winter, we are becoming very concerned about finishing our project on time. We have to be done and refinanced by March 14th or else we stand to lose everything. I'm beginning to become cranky with contractors who completely fail to get back to us. Mike is considering renting a backhoe and doing the work himself because nobody can seem to be bothered to return our calls, and we're becoming frustrated. GAH! We have 5 months to completely build a house with 1.5 people, because let's face it. I am a little too gimped up to do a LOT of the physical stuff. I always do my best, but I'm limited in my capacity due to my health crap. So everyone keep your finger's crossed and send out into the universe positive vibes and intentions that this place is done when it needs to be, and that we don't lose our home because people refuse to return our calls! One positive is that the home place is finally getting ready to ship our house out. If I get a shipping date, and nobody has called me back about our excavation, then we're renting the damn thing ourselves.

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