100 Happy Days (Blog Archive October 2018)

On Facebook, I have been doing this hashtag thing #100happydays
Basically, I look for something positive about each and every day. It's a way for me to try and re-frame my thinking in general. Things have been difficult for me since the loss of my son, and I will use any tool I can think of to work through some of this. I have to stay positive and focus on projects or I will make myself crazy.
Almost every morning I wake up with a replay of the night he died in my head. As we get closer to the anniversary, it's getting worse. Louder. Insistent. Unwanted. Intrusive.
I'm on day #118 of 100. Even on my worst days, I have found some glimmer of something. Some days I just recognize that it's not a good day at all, but that I have tried my best or accomplished remotely anything and that's my positive point. I did something. Anything. Even on the days where I can't bring myself to do anything. I'm still here. I'm still fighting. That's still something.
It's primarily been a thing on Facebook, but I may just go ahead and drag it over here too.

If I can do this. If I can continue to try to find the good anywhere. So can you. If I can go out and try to build things, even though I'm suffering daily in pain. So can you. You can do this. You can do anything. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to put one foot in front of the other.

You've got this, and so do I.


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