Handmade Soap From Our Home To Yours

All products are made here at the ranch. Custom ordering is available.

Dandelion Soap

Product Demonstrations Available

Handmade Soaps and Lotions

Ali carefully handcrafts her soaps and lotions with minimal ingredients and maximum love. Carefully blended oils, scents, and colors, with custom and bulk ordering available.

  • Customer Review

    I use the sleep salve every night. I get the benefits of the wonderful scents and a nice sinus massage at the same time. The headache salve lives in my purse so it's never far away. It is soothing and I've even used the scent of it to come out of an anxiety attack.100% recommend.
    -Elsa M. Colorado

  • Customer Review

    Wonderful soaps with great scents. The salves are amazing too. Received super fast.

    - Julia M. Colorado

  • Customer Review

    While I've tried many Lazy A Hole soaps, the spiced cranberry remains my favorite. It was the reason I finally switched from store bought soap with goodness knows what in it to exclusively Lazy A Hole soap. It lathers on nicely and has a great scent but it also washes off clean and doesn't leave you sticky or too smelly (I'm not a residual scent person). It does leave a subtle scent which I truly do love. Great soap. Excellent creator and seller. I would highly recommend this and other soaps in the shop!

    - Tara R. Massachusetts

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  • Mike finishes a day of welding on the house kit

    Home Building

    We purchased a kit home and are currently in the construction phase of the project. We are sharing this journey along with other fun projects over on YouTube and Instagram

  • Meet Ali

    Ali loves filming and editing these project videos for YouTube and Instagram. She has also been making soap for the last 8 years, and is working on some new experiments both on the ranch and in the soap shop.

  • Meet Mike

    Mike is the mastermind at the ranch. He loves all things mechanized, and has been enjoying many welding, automotive, 3d printing, and handyman projects. He wonders if you're pondering what he's pondering....

  • Mission

    Our mission is to generally approach projects from an every day person's perspective. Both have little to no experience in the realm of construction, and are a paycheck to paycheck home. You'll see many reclaimed materials on our projects.