Adventures At The Ranch! (Blog Archive May 2018)

The leaves are beginning to emerge on the aspen trees, and it's time to begin some outdoor projects.

We started by digging up some of the "buried treasure" that we stumbled across.

It's very long and boring. I sped it up as fast as I could at the time and added music as requested by my miláček, but it's still long and boring. You can view it here on YouTube.

Next video is a portion of footage that I shot yesterday while peeling bark from a log. I am wanting an outdoor sleep space this summer, and so there's no better way than to do it yourself! So I looked around at a few options and opted to go for a teepee. It gives me an opportunity to get my hands on some woodworking tools and begin to learn some basic concepts for the upcoming build, and it's not crazy complicated. This footage was shot for teepee footage, but was painful to wade through for that purpose. I am a person who likes to pretend everything is normal, even when it's not.  I have a bunch of auto immune disorders, and on top of that I have a bunch of back pain, and a headache for more than 4 years. This video is basically a giant episode of pain, but I REALLY wanted to get through a log yesterday and was super determined. It's on high speed for most of it, but I let it run at regular speed for the last couple of minutes. This is what digging deep looks like. This is what trying to suck it up and "fight through it" looks like. I'd say 98% of the time I don't look sick. I look like a totally normal person, but I am in pain ALL the time. Most of the time it exists as a sort of background noise. This particular episode was the headache being it's asshole self. If I bend over too much it just means an instant migraine.  Once I get all of the logs peeled, I'll post a final video for that portion of the project, but this was just a reminder that I am a human being and not perfect. I must be more gentle with myself. So watch that video here on YouTube.

And lastly, I've been hanging out with a whole bunch of goats lately. Goat milk soap has been happening a lot, which you can buy from my website, and I just love my time with these goofballs. We've been keeping busy and have a lot of projects coming up soon so stay tuned!

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