Concrete Slab For Lazy Daisy Hideaway | Video (WP Blog Archive September 2020)

Concrete Slab For Lazy Daisy Hideaway | Video (WP Blog Archive September 2020)

Marilyn's Concrete Slab and Our Journey

I am excited to share that Mike's mom has her concrete slab for her house! In this video we watch them pour the slab.

I talk about who we are, where we came from, why we started this journey, and why things have been slow going. This video comes with a warning that it's not an easy story, but it has shaped us as humans.

We have all been suffering from several losses, with more being piled on as time goes on. All I can say is that we just do our best to move forward. Life doesn't stop when your heart breaks. All we can do is try our best, and that is where we are at now.

Now What?

At this point, we are continuing forward. We have finished the septic line for the Arched Cabin, and that is going to be inspected by the time you're reading this. Next we will be putting in the box for the meter and getting the conduit run for the power line, and then we'll have that inspected. After the power line we will likely move onto the water line and possibly the frost free hydrant as well as sorting out our run for the propane.

Thank you so much for supporting us on this crazy journey, and thank you for your understanding as we continue to work through our grief. We love you all, and appreciate each and every one of you.

Concrete Slab
a concrete slab for a stick built home in the mountains of Colorado

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