Extreme House Blessing Welding An Intention | Video (WP Blog Archive August 2020)

Extreme House Blessing Welding An Intention | Video (WP Blog Archive August 2020)

As we get ready to pour concrete, we wanted to make a permanent blessing for the home. Something to just be in place to give us a boost. We figure it couldn't help. First Ali makes what is essentially a sigil out of metal to place in the ground in the center of the home. To purchase a blessing kit from Kim visit https://www.readingsbykim.com/shop Buy soap & lotion from our website or view our blog posts. All products are hand crafted by Ali. https://lazyaholeranch.com Become a Patron! - https://www.patreon.com/lazyaholeranch Visit us on FB and Instagram @lazyaholeranch @lazyaholepets @lazyaholesoap

Extreme House Blessing

We are big believers in setting the right intentions for helping bring your dreams into fruition, and we both believe that the things that you feed are what you will eventually end up with. Therefore, we decided to give the new house the best possible start. So it just makes sense that we blessed the construction site from the ground up, and it started at this point where we welded up the intention we wanted for the new home. I basically create a sigil by thinking up my intention. For example, you can think of a sentence such as, "I want everyone who lives here to be happy"
After you write out your sentence, you would then get rid of duplicate letters until you are left with the following: IWANTEVRYOHLSBP. Then you would make those letters into some sort of design, and that would be your sigil.


A sigil works because you set that intention in your head. In the process of focusing all of your thoughts and energy on it, you are planting that seed into your subconscious. That is why they work. You are setting yourself onto that path by planting that seed. In traditional sigils you would focus on the image that you create, and then you would completely destroy it so that you no longer remember the sentence or the image you created. For this process though, I decided to make it more permanent with the metal, and so I have been referring to it as an "intention" instead.


This is a new skill in my arsenal. I took a mig welding class and a stick welding class at the beginning of July, and I'm absolutely in love with the metal working process. There haven't been a lot of opportunities to use it yet, but I keep buying more bits of metal to play around with and create. You're never too old to learn something new. I'm 46, and am just now discovering the joy of metal working.

Extreme House Blessing
Blessing or Intention. A welded sigil created to bless the home from the center of the foundation

Blessing Kit

I got the blessing kit from Kim Moore, my friend and boss. You can learn about what she does, and order your own blessing kit from her website.
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