Heating The New House (Blog Archive September 2018)

It was in the 40s when I woke up this morning. A lovely, brisk, grey morning. I love misty mornings in the mountains, though the cloud ceiling was pretty high today.

The chill in the air makes me think about the wood stove here and I got to thinking about our discussions on heating the new place. We've been discussing getting a pellet stove, but I asked if we would still smell like wood smoke, and Mike said, "no."

I looooooove smelling like a camp fire.

When I have to spend time away from here, I get back, hug Mike and smell the woodsmoke on his clothes. It's like your fondest memories of camping have come back to embrace you and remind you of nights spent outside under the stars.

So now I wonder, do I really want to deprive myself of this? I mean, there are definitely drawbacks. One room is 10,000,000° while the rest of the place is 60°, and there's a layer of ash coating everything I own, but beyond that it's awesome! Lol

Perhaps once we're moved in, I'll just have to stomp up here a couple of times per week, fire up the wood stove, and spend some time on the couch with a good book.

This place has a furnace as well. I don't know if we've decided whether or not to have the furnace in the new place. I guess we'll have to sort that out.

Wow. I think the heat actually just kicked on.

It's definitely fall at the ranch!

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