Honey Dandelion Soap - A Tribute And Tutorial | Video (Blog Archive December 2018)


 It's been exactly a year since my son passed away. I wanted to honor him by making him part of this week's tutorial. I made a soap that I used to make for him.

The recipe is as follows:

8oz coconut oil
25 oz olive oil pomace
2 oz palm kernel oil flakes
17 oz palm oil

19.76 oz distilled water
6.8 oz lye

melt oils and then cool until between 95 and 100 degrees
pour lye into water and stir together (wear a respirator)
Allow to cool.
once oils and lye are at optimal temperatures, pour the lye mixture into the oils, and blend until trace. Pour into molds and let sit for 24-48 hours. Unmold and cure for 4 weeks. 

 Thank you for watching. 

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