Installing the Arched Cabin Subfloor | Video (WP Blog Archive August 2021)

Installing the Arched Cabin Subfloor | Video (WP Blog Archive August 2021)

What type of Subfloor are we installing for the Arched Cabin?

So for our Arched Cabin Subfloor, we chose to use Advantech 23/32 inch x 4 feet x 8 feet tongue and groove OSB subfloor. We paid a little bit more up front for this higher quality product, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what that product is going for now! When we purchased the subfloor in October of 2020, prices had already increased dramatically, and we paid $43.61 for each 4x8' sheet. I just looked at the store we purchased it from, and it's out of stock, but if it were in stock it would be $110/sheet today!

Why did we choose Advantech flooring?

We wanted a really solid floor that wouldn't be all squeaky, and in all of our research this was the flooring that really shined, and was highly utilized by the professionals. It's OSB that is permeated with some sort of resin if I'm remembering correctly. It has a no sand guarantee (if you don't leave it out to the elements) and a limited lifetime warranty. I'm sure that we are going to be extremely happy with this product as time goes on.

How much does building an arched cabin cost?

Today's Costs for ALL of thesubfloor, and not just what we did in the video::

Advantech 23/32" X 4' X 8' OSB Subfloor - $43.61/sheet - total 28 sheets $1221.08 total
Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive (All the adhesive we purchased for the build) $4.04/tube x 45 tubes - $181.44 total (one tube was $3.68 for some reason, and the current price is $4.98/tube)
Deck Screws - #8x3" - 25lb bucket $80.98 (current price in 8/2021 is $94.98)
3.5" Construction Screws - 1 box $23.99
1 box lag screws 1/4" x 1 1/2" - 13.49
Lumber Crayons $1.39 x 4 colors - $5.56
Crayon Sharpener - $2.79

Total for materials this week: $1529.33

20 X 32 Arched Cabin House Kit: $13,032.50. (paid in 2017 and includes the delivery cost)
Architect to finish plans for permits & help navigate some building department stuff. $1570
Initial Soil Testing $1550
Open Hole Inspection $325
Driveway Permit $50
Pre-Site Inspection $40
Permits $1797
Excavation $14,062.70 (we ran into the septic line at one point, plus there’s also an easement being installed between our place and Mike’s Mom’s place)

Power Drop $3026
Concrete $1020.40
Shipping Container $3344.25 – Will become a workshop after the build
Tile & Sink for downstairs bathroom $563.10
Meter Box Install – $448.20
Septic Line to the house $164.48 or $3.46/foot.
Water line from the control pit to the house  $321.15 or about $7.14/linear foot
Power line from the pole to the house $596.54 or about $4.77/linear foot
Beams & Supports tied together (Welding & Materials) - $275.60
2" Angle Iron x 3/16" thick - 32' $56.07
Labor (cutting steel to fit in the bed of the truck) $6
Lag Bolts for all of the floor joists 1/4' x 1 1/2" - 80 of them $.21 each - $16.80
Floor joists 2x10c16 Pressure treated #2 - 60 of them @$22.48 - $1348.80

Total Cost (excluding land) $45,143.92 (including this week's subfloor supplies)

Products used during this week's adventure of advantech subfloor!

Impact Driver (Affiliate Link)
Hearing Protection that I really should have used but didn't
Arched Cabin House Kit
23/32 x 4 feet x 8 feet Advantech Flooring
Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive (Affiliate Link)

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