Lazy A-Hole Neighbor (Blog Archive August 2018)

So I promised you a story yesterday of how we acquired our amazing new neighbor.  I don't feel too bad about leaving you hanging because anyone who is reading this at this point in our journey likely already knows the story.

So one random day in January, we leave the house to go run some errands. It was a pretty dark period of time for us, so I was searching for a sign. Any kind of sign that things were going to be even remotely okay.  So we are driving down our street, we get to the end of our property, and I see this woman banging in a for sale sign on the property next door. So I turn to Mike, and I say something about the need to be able to choose your neighbors, and then I said that this was our opportunity to have family next door like we've always wanted. So I texted Mike's mom and his "BFF" in case his mom thought we were insane. I took a photo of the sign, and she had called the realtor before we even got back from the store.
It never even went officially on the market.
So on Valentine's Day, Mike's mom became our neighbor. She is also building a home at the exact same time as we are. We are currently coordinating so that Bob the Builder (I mean excavator Bob) can work on both projects at the same time and save everyone a little money since it costs to have equipment hauled up there each day.  So we combine the projects and save some cash, and that also makes his scheduling easier since 2 projects are next door to one another.

So since she purchased the property back in February, she has visited a couple of times to work on her project. She hired a local builder, and her last visit was in July where we wandered all over Colorado Springs to pick out materials for her build as well as a lot of the finishing touches. It was an awesome opportunity for us to bond, and as an added bonus I got to see some of the materials that are out there to work with, and to learn from people in the industry what the pros and cons of each material was from a bystander point of view. It's given us a lot to think about as far as finishings go. I had one view in my head of how things will be, and it's already quite different than what I'd envisioned.

So after some excellent timing, a lot of coordinating, and a bit of magic in the universe, we have this amazing new neighbor. I look forward to taking turns having dinner on our front porches and enjoying sunsets together. We always dreamed of having our family around us, and we're so blessed to have that become a reality with the addition of his mom in our neighborhood.


A special thanks to Mom, and a special thanks to my Dad as well. We couldn't have done any of this without either of you. We love you. 

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