Mission Statement? (Blog Archive October 2017)

Having never had a mission statement, I'm not sure what one is really. I'm assuming you state what your end game is. Your goal. Your ultimate mission.

Our aim is to inform via our experiences. While researching homes and properties and planning for this adventure, there was a lot of information on how to physically do a whole plethora of things, but not as much info on materials, costs, pitfalls, expectations, reality. It would be nice to just put the information out there for others to use as they will. Neither of us is an expert in anything. I have zero knowledge and skills coming into this, so I'm a clean slate. I am even new to keeping records of anything. So bear with us as we stumble along on our journey. We are still at the beginning, and so if you are reading this, then you are beginning with us.


The dream:

A homestead. A working property. We work the land, and we use our skills to earn our living. We sustain ourselves with the efforts that we are putting into this. We build a home for our families to love and enjoy long after we're gone. A sanctuary for our treasured ones. This is our goal. This is our dream.

The reality:

We're off to a slower start than we'd like. We've had setbacks and delays. We've also had small victories, new discoveries, new skills learned, and we're moving ahead in leaps and bounds. We're waiting for one piece of information to move forward with new plans and drawings. The kit is paid for, but we are waiting on test results from the soil sample so that we can pass along all of our info to the engineer for the correct plans. Once all of these things are in place, we can start moving ahead with the physical work.

In the meantime we have been doing some prep work for both building and the upcoming winter season. We have been doing property maintenance to catch up on a year or so of neglect. That adds up to a ton of stuff in a hurry when you're in the woods!

We've made some fixes and upgrades in the current residence. So we have progress, but not quite the progress we had expected at this point.

So now we wait, and in the meantime I will begin to share our adventures with you here, on Facebook, and hopefully soon on YouTube.

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