New Video Alert! (Blog Archive August 2018)

I've been going through some of the older footage I had, now that I'm able to actually edit stuff, and I've put together a small video of Mike helping me out and dragging up possible teepee poles on his mom's property. I think most of these were more firewood candidates than teepee poles, but a couple of them should be pretty good. The teepee obviously never materialized this summer. Depression and grief combined with the heat and pain issues just made things fizzle out for me.

I view it as a good thing though. Looking back, it was kind of a desperate push forward to do things rather than deal with the stuff life handed to me in this past year. Now I plan to do more research on the project and to be better prepared for next spring. Winters are pretty mild so far, so I can do some harvesting and stripping of poles during the warmer days, and I can experiment with some sewing stuff and then really decide whether it makes more sense to purchase a pre-made cover from someone local or if I want to make it myself. There are pros and cons to each method. I may also visit the possibility of creating more of a pavilion type setup instead. I have options.

So without further ado, click on the link here or you can click here to visit our channel.

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