Objective Completed: Purchase Property (Blog Archive March 2017)

Objective Completed: Purchase Property (Blog Archive March 2017)

Objective completed.

We have purchased a parcel of land in a small town in Colorado, and we closed on it yesterday. It is my intention that we document our journey from purchase to completion.... if a project is ever really completed. We are planning to purchase an arched cabin, which we will pay to have roughed in. We will then finish the exterior and interior with help from beloved friends and family I'm sure. We are starting with land purchased which already had a few structures and items strewn about the property.

We will have to do some cleanup of the building that will temporarily house us while we build our happy little cabin.

I take it as a good omen that while we were standing on the build site last night, watching the sun go down behind the mountain, and the sky turn purple and pink, we heard the haunting cries of the coyotes howling on the wind. <3

Without further ado, I give you the grand tour of what is currently on the property.

This is the modified single wide that is currently on the property. In order to refinance we will have to demolish this house. For now, we are going to clean it up and live in it temporarily until we finish building our primary residence.  AKA "The Ranger Station"

We may rebuild the ranger station with a trailer that falls within the required guidelines.


One of the new neighbors came to check out who was moving in.

Another photo of the new neighbor. Or I guess we are the new neighbors. Our plan is to not intrude on their natural path through the land. We have seen over the winter where their main traffic areas are, and it appeared the previous homeowner had taken care to take into account what their traffic patterns were before planning to put the location of the build site where it is.  We plan to set up cameras to track their movements for awhile.

Sunset from the build site last night.

Key to the new house!

Trees in the area of well #2

My eldest child, myself, and Papa Bear aka Miláček.

New neighbor by the existing house.

More of the mule deer

Mule Deer <3

Miláček on the build site, watching the sun set.

A little golden hour light from the site of the existing house

2 of the several sheds that are around the property.

Sheds + soon to be homeowner (taken the first time we viewed the property)

Shipping container, shed, + dog house.

Miláček on the build site

Build Site


Sign at the front gate <3

Front gate and driveway

one of the few trailers on the property

kitchen of existing house

kitchen of existing house

hallway in existing house

bedroom of existing house

living room of existing house

living room of existing house

another trailer on the property

one of the trailers on the property

mud room of existing house

kitchen area of existing house

Wood stove

weird room 1 in the house blocked off from the rest of the place and with a whole lot of outlets

weird room 1

weird room A


Laundry area

FBI Van room

The Ranger Station

View from the Ranger Station

There are steps going down to this area. We suspect that he meant to put a pond there. We may go ahead and finish that.

We weren't sure if there even was a second well based on records we found. It was all quite confusing. I found the well casing last night, and Mike (miláček) found the cover for the concrete thing that housed the pressure tank and some other stuff that I have no clue about yet.

Some stuff inside of that concrete stuff. Mike calls them "well controls"

more inside that thing.

Build site after we closed on the place

On the build site after we closed! SO excited!

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