Raised Bed Garden - Pt 1 The framework | Video (WP Blog Archive July 2020)

Raised Bed Garden - Pt 1 The framework | Video (WP Blog Archive July 2020)


We decided with all the craziness going on that it was really important to get our raised bed garden in full swing this year.

I constructed 2'x3' raised beds out of corrugated metal and 2x4s. Each raised bed cost about $43 to make, and will cost the average handy-person even less because I made several errors which resulted in me using half again the amount of wood originally required.

Cut and supply list for 7 raised beds:

2x4x19.5" x 38 and rip 14 of those into 2x2s. (four 2x4s and four 2x2s per bed)
2x4x25" x 14 - rip to 2x2s (four per bed)
Inside corners 25" X 14 (two per bed)
45 degrees inside corners 36" X 14 (two per bed)
Corrugated metal
*please note actual size is 26" even if sold as 24"
Purchased six of the 24"x12' and cut to fit the inside dimensions of each box.
Assembled with #10 x 3 1/2" coarse auger thread construction screws for the wood, and pan head sheet metal screws #8 x 1" (went through 1+ boxes of 100)


We assembled the tops and bottoms first using a #10 3 1/2" construction screw*, and then we cut the sheet metal to fit each box individually. After we cut the sheet metal, we pre-drilled the holes into the sheet metal. 4 holes for the side panels (2 top, 2 bottom), and 6 holes for the front and back panels (3 top, 3 bottom).
Next, we used a 8x1 pan head sheet metal screw** to attach the sheet metal to the top and bottom frames of the bed.
Once the sheet metal was attached to both the tops and bottoms of the boards, we secured the inside corners using a 2"x2"x25" piece of wood on the inside corner and then a 19.5" 2x4 on the outside corner spanning the joint for the boards on the top and the bottom for increased strength) and then a 19.5" 2x2 on the other side of the corner for symmetry and additional strength on the corner.

The joint will end up looking like this.
and here is a photo after we attach the mitered pieces to the top of the frame. You will want to trim those up so the corners meet up. You can also see the 2x2 on the inside corner in this image as well. The rocks on the ground are because that was how I marked out the layout of the garden on the ground.

Hardware images



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