Stick Build Beams | Video (WP Blog Archive August 2020)

Stick Build Beams | Video (WP Blog Archive August 2020)

Stick Build

At the same time as we are building our house, Mike's mom has a stick build going up next door. Hopefully this isn't too confusing for those of you who are following along.

Her house is being built traditionally, by an actual builder. Mike does occasionally find a place to scrub in though.
Mike helped out in this week's video by welding the beams in place after they were lifted into position by Bob the Builder and all of the guys.

Why Stick Build?

Mike's mom has spent a great deal of time traveling around to look at various tiny homes. A great deal of research also went into the various kit build homes and simple plans for a DIY build, but she just wasn't seeing anything that really resonated with her.
She finally made the decision to go with a local builder, and they have been working on her place for the last two months.

How will you showcase each build?

We are slightly out of sync with the videos as she is a bit ahead of us. As we are getting things rolling, we are hoping to do a comparison. I thought it would be interesting to show everyone the similarities and differences between a kit house, and a traditional stick build.We won't have exact costs for her build, but we will be sharing our own costs. I honestly don't think there will be a substantial difference other than she is paying for the labor and expertise. We are just winging it on our end!

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Stick Build Beam Placement
StiSitkThe beams and posts for the stick build going on next door at Mike's Mom's house.
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