Welding Supports for the Arched Cabin | Video (WP Blog Archive November 2020)

Welding Supports for the Arched Cabin | Video (WP Blog Archive November 2020)


Finishing the metal framing for the kit

Mike and I focused on welding supports for the arched cabin house kit! We headed into Colorado Springs to Glaser Steel to pick up the 3" and 2' square tube needed to give extra support on the ends of the arched cabin, and also to begin the process of framing in those end caps. Supply chain issues continue to hound us as we struggle to find the materials we need to get this kit dried in before winter sets in.

What is next for the house build?

Next up for us will be to frame in the end caps, apply house wrap, and then start the process of putting in the insulation that comes with the kit along with applying the roof panels. We only have a handful of nice days left before the bitter cold of winter settles in and makes it impossible for us to continue work. We are both increasingly anxious about trying to get it all done ahead of winter weather. Will we make it this year? One thins I'm grateful for is that we are finishing up these tasks like welding the square tube end supports for the arched cabin. It's better than nothing and gets us moving towards those goals.

welding supports for the arched cabin

How much does building your own house cost?

Total Cost for this week

Total costs for the front and back supports for the Arched Cabin House Kit this week:
Hillman Lag bolts - 3" - ($.40 each x 25) $10.00
Red Metal Primer Spray Paint (2 @ $4.50 each) $9.00
3" Square Tube 11 gauge 16' 6" used ($9.23 per foot) $152.30
3" Square Tube 14 gauge 16' 6' used ($7.24 per foot) $119.46
2' Square Tube 14 gauge 17' 4" used total ($4.26 per foot0 $73.78
Hillman Lag Bolts for rim joists and side plates ($0.40 each x 25) $10.00
Red metal Primer spray can ($4.50 each x 2) $9

Total for materials this week: $364.54

Previously Tallied Costs:

20 X 32 Arched Cabin House Kit: $13,032.50. (paid in 2017 and includes the delivery cost)
Architect to finish plans for permits & help navigate some building department stuff. $1570
Initial Soil Testing $1550
Open Hole Inspection $325
Driveway Permit $50
Pre-Site Inspection $40
Permits $1797
Excavation $14,062.70 (we ran into the septic line at one point, plus there’s also an easement being installed between our place and Mike’s Mom’s place)
Power Drop $3026
Concrete $1020.40
Shipping Container $3344.25 – Will become a workshop after the build
Tile & Sink for downstairs bathroom $563.10
Meter Box Install – $448.20
Sonotubes $302
3" Square Tube for the Piers $1250
Rebar $31
Misc Lumber for assembling post and pier foundation $54.56
Septic Line to the house $164.48 or $3.46/foot.
Water line from the control pit to the house  $321.15 or about $7.14/linear foot
Power line from the pole to the house $596.54 or about $4.77/linear foot
Beams & Supports tied together (Welding & Materials) – $275.60
2″ Angle Iron x 3/16″ thick – 32′ $56.07
Labor (cutting steel to fit in the bed of the truck) $6
Lag Bolts for all of the floor joists, and I believe this also includes the lost 1/4′ x 1 1/2″ – 80 of them $.21 each – $16.80
Floor joists 2x10c16 Pressure treated #2 – 60 of them @$22.48 (Price is already up to $38.67 4 months later!) – $1348.80

Total Cost (excluding land) $45,791.75 (including this week’s supplies)

Products used during this week’s adventure of raising the kit!

Arched Cabin House Kit
Affiliate Links:
Welding CIty .030 Flux Core Wire
Welding Back Pad - Awesome for protecting your gloves from spatter from the flux core wire
Hobart Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Impact Driver (recommend one for each person screwing or drilling)
Giant Tow Strap

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